My Skin Care Regime + Guidelines On How To Achieve Flawless Looking Skin


Skin Care has never been an easy 1-2-3 process for me; like Proactiv, or the other hundreds of products I've tried... its taken dedication and many years of trial and error. With my skin being a mixture of dry and oily, I never know whats going to pop up.

I've recently narrowed down what works best for my skin and I’m really excited to share it all with you! Before I get into what products I use, I'm listing some guidelines that I use as a guide to obtain flawless looking skin.

1. Never go to sleep with your make-up on. #1 RULE.
2. Wash your face after a workout, especially if you worked out with make-up on.

*Try to workout with a clean face. If you refuse to do so, just try a little concealer in areas where you need it but definitely skip the foundation.

3. Apply sunscreen every day.
4. NEVER tan your face.

*Tanning your face is the quickest way to dry out your skin, create wrinkles/fine lines, and it’s just combating all of the wonderful things you do to obtain beautiful skin. Protect your face, babe.

5. Limit alcohol and processed foods; incorporate more fruits + veggies into your diet.
6. Clean + moisturize your skin before you go to bed, + after you wake up.
7. Use a face mask and/or oil cleansing 3 times a week.
8. Try to not touch your face throughout the day.
Your hands are dirty.
9. Clean your phone screen periodically throughout the day.
Because your phone is dirtier.
10. Drink 8 glasses of water a day. This is a must.

Let's get into a little more detail... because skin care is complex, and this blog post should be too.

- It's important that you take off your make-up before bed every night - including washing + moisturizing because your skin needs to breathe throughout the night. Everyone sweats in their sleep too so if you sleep with your make-up on, your face is attempting to rid dirt/oil and all of that make-up in your pores, but instead it's getting trapped. Thus creating pimples, blackheads, etc. Trust me, I've been there - those late nights and just wanting to climb in bed… but make it a habit no matter your mood/situation.

- Sunscreen is SO important, but I wouldn’t recommend using any sunscreen on your face. There's really only ONE ingredient you need for pure sun protection and that's Zinc. Contrary to belief a lot of the ingredients in sunscreen are extremely harmful for you and the environment. In fact, many do not know this but there are some ingredients in sunscreen that our water systems can't even filter. Which begs the question, why are we putting it all over our bodies? No thank you.

- The one face mask I have been using for years now is the Indian Healing Mask. Which there is a full review on that I posted back in 2016. Click here to read/purchase - it's now <$10 and is totally life changing. The second type, which isn't really a mask, it's more of a cleansing method… is oil cleansing. I have to give a shoutout to Cammie Scott for showing a video of this a few years ago [click here to view], because ever since I incorporated it into my skin care regime, my skin has loved me back.

Alright so let's get into the products I've been using lately and absolutely loving + some additional info on why they’re so good to use (they’re also in the order that I use them):

1) Make-up Remover - 100% Almond Oil, Castor Oil (Equal parts combined = Oil Cleansing; to be removed using a wet/warm towel), Vaseline to remove eye make-up, + I absolutely love the Neutrogena Fragrance-Free Make-up Removing Wipes.

Vaseline has been a beauty secret in my family for generations. It removes make-up easily without irritating the skin and is great for eyelash growth.

2) Face wash - CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser

This is the one face wash that I’ve found that doesn’t make me break out. It’s not by any means natural or organic but it’s what I’ve found that works best with my skin.

3) Toner - Equal parts Apple Cider Vinegar + water on a cotton ball.

ACV gets deep inside the pores and cleans out the dirt that your face wash and/or make-up remover left behind.

4) Moisturizer - 100% Almond Oil, Ponds, Vaseline to moisturize lips and dry spots.

If you have any skin care tips, tricks, or natural/organic products that you love + swear by, be sure to list them below! I’m always looking for new products + better methods of keeping my skin clean + healthy.