The Reason I Moved Away - Q&A

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Q: What made you want to move?
A: My mother passed away from cancer in January 2010. I graduated from high school that following June. I think her passing definitely pushed things into motion for me. I wanted to know everything about her, including her immediate family that lives in California (where she was raised as a kid). I strongly believe if she didn't pass away, I'd probably still live in Pittsburgh.

Q: What is it like moving away from everything you know?
A: Exhilarating, but completely nerve racking. I was only allowed to pack one suitcase... that was the hardest part. Packing my entire life into one suitcase. All of it was totally worth it though!

Q: Was it hard transitioning?
A: From cold weather to sunny San Diego weather? Heck no! ;) It wasn't hard for me because I vacationed in California every few years and met friends through my family. When I moved out here I already had people I could rely on, which was super comforting. However, it was hard missing my family and friends from home. It felt like a really bad breakup.

Q: How did you meet new people?
A: Through my family. I owe it to my cousins Janae and Keif for opening up their lives for me and always pushing me to get out of my comfort zone. I wasn't 21 when I came out here and they still took me to parties to meet people and loosen up.

Q: Would you ever move back to Pittsburgh?
A: It's hard living in San Diego. Sh*t ain't cheap! Pittsburgh is home, it's safe, the economy is good, education is some of the best in the country... it's all so appealing, but I just don't know. I love my life here, but at times I do think I could move back. However, until I visit during winter and I realize I cannot handle the cold weather anymore lol.

Q: What advice would you give to someone who wants to move?
A: Go for it! I truly believe life isn't meant to be lived in one place.

Q: Do you have any regrets from moving away?
A: Absolutely. It's hard seeing my friends and family getting older without me around. I've missed a lot of big events. My younger cousins are getting so big and they barely know my name. Family and friends passed away when I moved; I regret not speaking with them more.

Q: How many times have you moved?
A: Well let's see, I moved once in Pittsburgh (1999)... And let's start the list for California: 1. Scripps Ranch (2010) 2. Vista (2011) 3. Oceanside (2012) 4. Carlsbad (2013) 5. Vista (2014) 6. Vista (2015) 7. Vista (2016) 8. Oceanside (2016) 9. Carlsbad (2017) - Meaning I've moved a total of 10 times! Yikes.

Q: Do you want to move somewhere else? If so, where?
A: I do! I actually don't mind moving. I mean, I'm over moving every year but I could definitely see myself moving to the San Clemente area or more south towards Downtown San Diego. We shall see ;)

Q: What's the best thing that's happened to you while living in California?
A: My boyfriend, family, and friends. I've made some great connections with people. I don't have just one large family now, I have two :)

Q: What do you miss the most about home?
A: I miss the simplicity of home. San Diego is much more fast paced than Pittsburgh, but maybe time seems to go by faster because I'm older? Who knows. I miss my family and friends most though. I wish I could fly them all out here to visit me.

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