CRSSD Festival 2017 - San Diego, CA

Festival season is upon us!

Jk, I can't afford Coachella.

What better way to kick it off than two days raging at one of the coolest venues in San Diego? I mean, have you guys been to the Waterfront Park before?!

You get an amazing view of the city right next to the water ✓
No Dirt ✓
Clean Facilities ✓
Friendly Staff ✓
Plenty of TP ✓ (big plus for us gals)

Besides the above, I'm literally obsessed with this venue/festival, here's why:


1. The Vibe

The #1 factor in determining whether I'm going to return to a festival/concert or not.

For instance, all those years of going to see Kenny Chesney in Pittsburgh... you literally couldn't turn one corner without someone offering you a beer bong or jello shot.

Not saying CRSSD is anything like that, but idk how to describe it. Everyone is just [nice] there (insert any synonym into the box and that pretty much describes it). It's always a good time and that's why I will probably keep going back.

2. The Music

House and Techno = my favs out of the EDM world

Here's a list of my favorite sets at CRSSD:

  • Duke Dumont
  • Claude Vonstroke
  • Snakehips
  • Marian Hill
  • Alunageorge
  • Bob Moses
  • Giraffage

Flume would've made the list but the crowd was getting WAY too crowded and he was doing this 5-10 minute long (weird?) intro that I just wasn't feeling. A group of friends suggested we head over to Claude Vonstroke so we did, and to my surprise, I wasn't that sad that I missed out on Flume. I mean, I was sad to hear that it popped off later on and he played 3-5 songs that I'm obsessed with, but I really enjoyed seeing other artists that I'm not familiar with.

That's just how festivals go, though... you want to see some artists and end up going in the complete opposite direction! It is what it is :)

Snakehips - All My Friends Snakehips CRSSD Festival March 5th, 2017 San Diego Waterfront Park

3. The Outfits

I was checking out girls more than the guys (ask my bf). Girls probably thought I was hating on them but in reality, I was admiring their outfit choices thinking, "Girl, be my friend," or "Where can I buy that?!"

Not to mention CRSSD has the cutest merch for sale! Like oil-paper umbrellas and bomber jackets with House x Techno written on them. Ugh... I need to beat the lines next time we go.

Tip: When rain is in the forecast for CRSSD, don't do that San Diegan thing, where you think it's a lie... and you don't bring a hooded jacket. OR think you can get away with buying something at the Merch Tent... because it will be sold out. And you should know better (note to self and shout out to Evette and Amanda for trooping it). :-*

4. The Food

Baked Bear was there... do I need to say more?
(If you don't know who or what the Baked Bear is, do yourself a favor and google/yelp it. You're welcome)

They had Pizza, Gourmet Hot Dogs, Lobster Mac and Cheese, Poke Bowls, etc. That's unheard of where I come from but I'm definitely not complaining.

5. My Friends

DUH! (Mehgan, this goes out to you boo boo)

If you go to a music festival and don't think to yourself, "Man, I love my friends..." you're going with the wrong people! Lol

Hope you guys enjoyed this, and I hope to see you all next year :)